Adult volunteers


Think again!

Every leader at 1st Llandaff is a volunteer, giving their time to make a positive difference to the lives of young people;

but also because they enjoy it!

Volunteering for Scouting is easier than you think. There is a role for everyone and you can

decide how much or little time you wish to give and how you spend that time.............

it could be an evening a week or one weekend a year.

See for yourself why there are 36000 reasons to volunteer

As well as roles working directly with young people there are also many support roles

which occur behind the scenes but which are equally important.

Previous Scouting experience is not necessary. With full support and training, you can

experience the fun, friendship and adventure of Scouting for yourself, all on a flexible basis.

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We're currently looking for volunteer Cub leaders.

See our recruitment leaflet and contact us at

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